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This is a story about God Almighty and His people in Haiti

In the mountains of Southern Haiti just miles from the Dominican republic border a little village called Bellevue was affected by the earthquake in January 2010.

A church pastored by Joes Merazil had its building reduced to rubble. The people began to pray. Their prayer was, “LORD help us rebuild our church.”

the church after the earthquake
September 2014, remnants of the church after the earthquake.

In September 2014, 4 1/2 years after that earthquake, Pastor Larry Mancini took a trip to Bellevue Haiti on invitation of one of his church members who had a brother there. 

Pastor Joes invited Pastor Larry upon meeting him for the first time to speak in his congregation the next day. Pastor Joe told them that night about a dream he had – the Lord appeared to him and told him not to move the church. This is something he was considering. Six weeks later he went to a conference, where a lady, who was up in years, told him that she had a dream that a plane from America landed and the people got off and start to rebuild his church.

Pastor Joes
Pastor Joes


Pastor Larry
Pastor Larry

That Sunday morning Pastor Joe is an ounce to his congregation, “Here is the American that’s going to help us rebuild the church.” During a time of congregational prayer God put his hand on Pastor Larry and the work began by faith in God. The finished church is a monument to The faithfulness of God! Never were any appeals made for funds. God provided for His people as a needs arose and He still is doing that for projects we never dreamed of at the start.

Take a look at our website and learn about all that God is doing down in the southern mountains of Haiti. Enjoy the journey!

To God be the glory!

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Our Mission

“The mission of “To Haiti With Love, Inc.” is to give hope to the people of Haiti who are in poverty (especially the people of Bellevue and the surrounding areas) through the love of Jesus. We see Jesus in “the least of these,” our Haitian brother and sisters (Matthew25), and seek to minister to their souls, minds, and bodies.
The specific objectives and purposes of this organization shall be:
a. To assist in rebuilding churches, homes, and other structures, including those destroyed by natural disasters.
b. To provide fresh accessible water through the drilling of wells and construction of cisterns.
c. To provide funds for children to attend school.
d. To assist orphans, widows, and the elderly, with everyday needs such as food, clothing, and medical assistance.”